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Please help us console users klei

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I'm not asking for much but please make the weather pain and ice and fire staffs have more range mostly just caring about weather pain but the ice staff would be very helpful as well with doing some bosses as well the range is terrible compared to PC, i would also understand to be the best distance away you have to be locked on but as of right now you have to be in the face of whatever your trying to cast the spell on and thats not very helpful for a supposed to be range attack. 

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The controller setup could use some more utility, especially on consoles. I started on the Wii U, and continue to main the controller even on PC. On consoles, there's no key bindings setting. IIRC, force attack is on by default so if you've got something attacking a friendly creature, if you try to attack the hostile, you're likely to attack the friendly creature instead, in the worst case getting a bunch of allied creatures to gang up on and kill you because you tried to help them, but the way the game is set up caused the command to be misinterpreted.

An option to assign a button, ideally an unused button such as one of the analog stick buttons, as a mod key, to be able to set additional actions to other buttons while holding the mod key, for example holding in the L stick and pressing the button assigned to attack would toggle force-attack on and off. Many other key bindings that console users don't typically have access to, like camera zoom and a few inventory hotkeys, could be assigned to such mod key bindings.

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