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Fictitious update: Dark edge.

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Decorators can rejoice, they now have a lot of work.
Marble added to the game will not allow your davinci to be lazy!
Added 2 new creature morphs, a new mysteriousy asteroid with its own dangers and features.
Rebalanced and changed for the better familiar mechanics.
Plunge into the darkness and discover something LIGHT there!!!



Global changes:


Now build a marble cage can a duplicant without skills.
However, the constructed marble cell does not provide the decor and movement speed bonus. It must be re-processed already by the decorator. EVERY ELEMENT!

The electrolyser requires 480W instead of 120W.
Hydrogen Generator now gives +700W instead of +800W.
Previously: Electrolyzer + gas filter + 2 pumps = 720W. Hydrogen generator boost + 1200W. (+480W energy from empty space).
Now: Electrolyzer + gas filter + 2 pumps = 1080W. Hydrogen generator boost + 1050W. (-30W consumption in generator boost mode).
This system is now nerfed.

Stone hatch now increases the chance of getting a Marble hutch when eating Granite.

Drywall can now be built behind doors.

Added Door Hatch.1x1 cells.Analogue of an electric airlock door.It is also a ladder tile.Requires both material (metal) for the hatch itself, and material for the ladder (plastic / mineral).Can be connected to power to speed up.

You can now hide notifications.

Frostbite now grants a -10 morale debuff for 1 cycle.

Added kerosene geyser: +520C.

Characteristics of Steel changed:
Specific heat capacity changed from 0.49 to 0.40.
Overheat threshold changed from +200С to +150С.
The value of niobium has risen significantly.

Radiation kills germs.

Abisalite now displays real thermal conductivity instead of 0.00000.



Color Dark blue. Light blue at high light intensity. (Concentration).The heaviest gas in the game.Emits radiation.Emits light.A rare technological gas that greatly facilitates life in various fields of application.

Radiation kills flower dust and emits light, which makes it an ideal gas for Bristle Blossom. Plants will also be exposed to radiation and will mutate. 
Mining rad bolts.
It is used to obtain energy from solar panels,since there is no cosmic light in the Dark Asteroid world
This gas is native to the world of Dark Asteroid, as there lives an infection that dies of light.
In medicine, and for entertaining devices.

Properties 1kg/1 cell. (radiation no further than own cell):
Radiation 25 Rad. (for 20kg 500 Rad)
Lux 2500 Lux. (For 20kg 50000 Lux, where the solar panel requires 50000 Lux per cell, thereby developing power up to +380 W).
Decor +10 per cell, regardless of pressure.
+25% growth of any plants, +100% growth of a stone spruce.

Heat capacity 3.0
Thermal conductivity 0.0035

Melting: -70C

The solid state loses all properties of radiation and light emission.
The liquid state loses its radiation intensity by 15 times and completely loses its ability to emit light.
Maximum density 500 kg per cage excluding pressure.

20 kg of gas gives 500 rads.
500 kg of liquid gives (500 Rad / 10) = 1250 Rad.

That is, the liquid gives more radiation, but it is cut by the atmosphere. The benefit from this is not very big.

The gas has the highest heat capacity of all gases and the lowest thermal conductivity, making it an ideal thermal insulating gas.
You will also have to work very hard to bring this gas to the right temperature for further use in greenhouses or other projects.
It is very difficult to heat it up.



The Hot Tub now has a gas inlet port.
Now you can feed radon to the gas port.
The Hot Tub can work as before without radon, but the supply of radon greatly improves the effect of the building.

When applying radon to the gas port of entry:
Morale +7
Stress -25%/cycle
Water 10 kg/s, <37.7°C
Heal +50 per cast.
Immunity +3.
Disease recovery rate +100%.
Rad +50 per use.
Liquid exit port: radioactive waste equal to the amount of water upon entry.
It is possible to extract radioactive waste using this method, and use the waste itself as a coolant.



Granite can now be crafted into steel!
Recipe (Rockbiter):
Granite (crush) 100kg-Lime (200gr) + 100kg sand.

To make 100 kg of steel, you need 10 kg of lime.
10 kg of lime is extracted from 5 tons of granite.
100 tons of granite will give you 2 tons of steel.

There are many minerals in the game, but the differences between them are only visual, they do not have proper use and uniqueness.
The material costs for steel production are balanced, both in terms of the amount of material and the time spent on crushing.



Relatively rare material.
Decorative, mineral with a high content of lime. It is used for the construction of cages and high-quality art objects.
White is a very beautiful material.
Now everything that marble requires, marble itself requires (marble sculpture).

Marble (crush) 100kg-Lime (500g) + 100 kg of sand.

To make 100 kg of steel, you need 10 kg of lime.
10kg of lime is extracted from 2 Tons of Marble.
100 Tons of Marble will give you 5 Tons of Steel.

Hardness: 80 (very hard).
Properties: like granite.

Marble tiles:
+ x decor (4 cells) depending on the skill of the artist.
+50% movement speed.

You can build:
Marble cage, marble table, marble stairs (+20% movement speed).



New creature morph: Magnetic Vole.
Morph chance increases if Vole has iron ore.
Power: Iron, copper, aluminum, cobalt, tungsten.
Allocates 50% of the eaten: Block of Rust (iron), Metal ore (copper, cobalt, aluminum, tungsten).
It gives the equivalent of an excavated rust block of 300kg per cycle. That is, this is a net increase. Where 450kg is needed for 1 cycle of the deoxidizer. And this is 570g of oxygen per second. (5 duplicates).
You need 3 Magnetic Voles for 10 Duplicants.
Iron consumption is regulated by the average metal production by an iron volcano.
That is, you will need to master the iron volcano in order to feed the Magnetic Vole in the indefinite future.
Features: able to teleport through metal cells with the help of an electrical nature. Therefore, in order to hold Magnetic Vole, you need other materials like obsidian. (This is its distinguishing feature - it passes through any metal cells).


Why is it needed?
We have the useless Dasha Saltvine salting, and we have the Rust Remover with no renewable source of Rust.
Now you can build a Dasha Saltvine farm and get salt. You can build a ranch with Magnetic Vole and get Rust.
This makes chlorine a more useful/usable gas. You have an alternative source of oxygen that doesn't require water and provides other benefits:
The Magnetic Vole Ranch also gives you meat, which makes up for the time it takes to build the Dasha Saltvine farm.
You now have a renewable source of metal ore.



New creature morph: Marble hutch.
Marble hutches are very beautiful and give a bonus to the decor.
Nutrition: granite\mafic rock\% of the growth of a stone spruce.
10% of eaten mass in Diamond.
40% of the eaten mass in Marble.
 (The eaten mass and the allocated mass are equivalent in obtaining lime):
Ate 140 granite (200g lime) = Gave 56 marble (500g lime).



New plant:Stone spruce.


Flint type of life. This is what plants would look like.
The plant grows from the bottom up. Requires 4 cells vertically.
Harvesting requires the Granite Digging skill and the procedure looks like a digging process. Although it is crop production in the errands, without the skill, you will not be able to get a crop.
Over time, the crop does not fall by itself.
Growth: 24 cycles in greenhouse conditions. Cannot be fertilized, and cannot be boosted by sahabugs and grubs. 12 cycles if the atmosphere is radon.
Top dressing:not required.
Irrigation:Kerosene 50kg per cycle.
Harvest:+6000 kg of granite.
Atmosphere: vacuum, any. If radon,increasing growth rate by 100%. 
A duplicant artist can decorate this plant into something beautiful. Now, until the end of flowering, the tree gives decor depending on the skill of the artist.
Now the artists have permanent jobs.


New disease: Despairius.


Disease of the Soul. Affected Duplicants begin to experience despair in the midst of darkness and emptiness.
-20 morale of the duplicant.
Duration 12 cycles.

Distribution: Minerals, growth bonus for granite/marble.
Suspended: liquid.
Fading: gas.
Death: Light/Chlorine/Radiation.
High light and radon radiation also kill germs.
Source/Distributor: Excavate infected rock (granite/marble, less often other mineral rocks).



New object: Radon well.
This is an atypically shaped geyser that looks like a speckled tube. 1x1 cells. Unlike a standard geyser, it always releases some gas, without periods. Blocking at 1800g per cell. The mechanics is similar to the release of contaminated oxygen from contaminated water.
There are a lot of such wells and in different places. They emit very little radon, so you have to sort it out and look for each of these wells.



New biome: Marble garden.
Solid: Sand/Marble/Granite.
Gas: Radon.
Creatures: Marble hatch/Stone spruce.
Objects: Radon well.



Dark asteroid.

The seed of this asteroil is modified. An extensive system of caves and pockets through which radon spreads from numerous wells.
The core of this asteroid is not typical, instead of magma, an ocean of liquid iron is imprisoned at the bottom.
There is a lot of sand, move carefully.

New biomes:
Rust. (modified). (rust, salt,dasha saltvine, kerosene, chlorine)
Marble garden.

New creatures:Stone spruce, Marble hutch, Magnetic Vole.

Guaranteed objects that cannot be found in other worlds:
Kyrosine geyser. (pure oil). 1 piece.
Radon well 7 pieces.

Metal core (the core of this asteroid is filled with molten iron instead of magma).
0 Lux, 0 Rad on the surface.
An extensive system of caves interconnected throughout the asteroid.
Microbial contamination of the breed: Despairius.
Cold asteroid: -40 degrees on average, no warm places.

20% iron/iron ore including core.
20% sand.
30% marble and granite.
30% of the mass other materials.



Let me summarize:

Added renewable sources of rust, metal ore and granite.
Rust Deoxidizer is now a permanent alternative source of oxygen.
Added a lot of work as a duplicant with the decorating skill, thanks to the mechanics with marble.
Added a new unusual asteroid withwith its own unique features.
Added Radon multi-functional gas. Used on farms (light/radiation/25% growth rate), as a decoration, in obtaining radbolts and electricity from solar panels. As well as thermal insulation gas. A unique gas with many uses, and also complements the Despairius mech as a countermeasure and the uniqueness of the asteroid.
Rebalanced and improved old mechanics (steel nerf/electrolyzer nerf, increased frostbite).
Quality of life improvements (1x1 vertical sunroof added, notifications can be hidden).

In the future, I will come up with a new update. Glass, silicate drekkons, aluminum in rocket science are what I will think about.
Perhaps according to my mood.

What do you think?

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Changed Despairius.
Now spreads through minerals instead of gas.

The effect of light on solid objects will be more significant than on gas.
The gas is very chaotic, and controlling the infection will be problematic.

!Radiation, although it kills all microbes, does not affect radioactive microbes.
That is, radioactive microbes displace any kind of microbes.

The temperature of the dark asteroid has been changed.
Now this is not a hot asteroid, but a cold one. -30 threshold of maximum temperature. -40 average.
This is due to two reasons.
1) It is difficult to heat radon, therefore the rad well must be super cold. -50C.
2) Frostbite gives -10 morale for 1 cycle.
As planned, this asteroid has a lot of opportunities to increase morale. But it also has a lot of harmful factors that reduce morale.

General concept of an asteroid.

1) All Forumers want to make their decor more meaningful. I gave you a marble, a microbe and a morale debuff from frostbite. It's all about decorating skill.
2) Devices that emit light are now more meaningful. On a dark asteroid, you will have to build everything with light bulbs to control the infection.
3) A new biome has been added, morphs of creatures that provide previously non-renewable sources of materials. And all these creatures organically fit into the current realities. That is, there is no need to change anything globally. For example, a stone hatch used to eat granite, but now it opens up a new morph. The vole used to eat iron, but now it has a new morph on which two things are tied at once. Killed two birds with one stone.
Both an alternative source of oxygen and a source of renewable metal ore.
Gameplay may not need it (ore), but now for especially ardent fans of the game, there is such an opportunity.
A lot of things are built precisely from ore or steel. What if the ore runs out, and you can’t quickly make 100 tons of steel on the stairs. So I introduced this morph.

Decorating no longer provides a +1/+2 building bonus.

Changed skill requirements for interacting with marble.
Now built objects from marble do not give any bonuses until this cell is recycled by a decorator.
Any decorated marble object becomes visually neater and more beautiful, and also acquires a creative design.

Adjustments have been made to the aggregate state of radon.

The color of radon has changed to a more expressive one.
Dark blue and light blue depending on the concentration.

Stone spruce has been changed.
Now she gives 6 tons of granite.

Sand and regolith are no longer required.

Changed the title of the topic to be more intuitive.lol

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