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No mainland for _AddPlayerStartNode function

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Hi I'm trying to get my worldgen mod to work and currently there is this bug:

[00:01:27]: #[string "scripts/map/storygen.lua"]:908: attempt to index local 'mainland' (a nil value)
@scripts/map/storygen.lua:821 in (method) GenerateNodesFromTasks (Lua) <819-822>
@scripts/map/storygen.lua:87 in (method) GenerationPipeline (Lua) <86-96>
@scripts/map/storygen.lua:1361 in (global) BuildStory (Lua) <1356-1368>
@scripts/map/forest_map.lua:484 in (field) Generate (Lua) <370-1020>

This bug has been crashing me a lot and I managed to solve it earlier without knowing how. The storygen file is giving me vertigo. Does anyone happen to know what this bug has to do with? Much appreciated!


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hey so if you've also ran into this problem. it turned out to be this: i thoguht i was being very witty in assigning an "island0" region id, whereas the story gen algorithm needs some sort of mainland, which is what the region id would have been if it were nil.

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