Ideas for beefalo and other rideable creatures

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So....I was thinking that the beefalo could really use some love. They die easily when left alone, and retaliate against mobs, winding up dead while the player just watches in dismay as all of the work that they've put into their beloved beefalo is voided. T_T Because beefalo die very easily, and require a bit of work to simply maintain, they should have more ways to invest in and protect them.

-Armor for beefalo- like a helmet or an armored saddle that can protect your precious beefalo from DEATH, if only putting off the inevitable for a short while longer. Maybe a giant turtle shell that the beefalo can hide in? that would be fun

-A disguise for your beefalo, like a bush hat, but for a beefalo, which will hide it from dangerous mobs if you need to go and fight and leave the beefalo unattended

-change the ai for domesticated beefalo, so that they do not let mobs get so close to them in the first place, I mean, these are higher investment creatures that players have to spend a lot of time resources just to obtain...they should be a little smarter than the average beefalo?

-tamed beefalo that have been attacked and are aggressive towards any mob can be placated, so that they do not continue to attack an enemy until they die, or can be mounted and ridden away from the danger, even if they are still aggressive towards a mob?

-salt licks need a buff, whether they can be refueled with more nitre or salt crystals, or whether the salt crystals bring an entirely new item to the game, I mean it is called a salt lick after all, why is nitre in a salt lick? (Can cattle even consume nitre?) Also, all mobs consume the salt lick too frequently (more than once a day), and take up too much of its durability(more than one use, which if is the case, then the durability of the item needs to be raised). I think it might be interesting if the saltlick would need to be protected from the rain, being made out of salt, but that isn't really important I guess.

I also had another thought....What if players could also ride on koalephants? Koalephants are harder to find that beefalo, and are also very cute. Tamed koalephants would deal more damage to enemies than beefalo would, and could be saddled the same way as the beefalo, with the same saddles. They wouldn't drop beefalo wool, but also wouldn't become aggressive to the player during spring. Perhaps the koalephants would also have different tendencies than the beefalo, considering that koalephants are less aggressive than beefalo in general, and tend to run away from the player until attacked. Said tendencies could be Timid: where the koalephant will run away from aggressive mobs, (even if they attacked the koalephant), or the player if they are attacking something, similar to Woby, and these koalephants run faster and draw less aggression from mobs... idk what tendencies would be good tbh?

Being able to ride the no-eye deer, or volt goats would also be a lot of fun. Imagine a world where players can use volt goats to attack their enemies with lightning??? No eyed deer would become the fastest way to travel across the map!!!


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