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Radbolts should have a max size greater than 500

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What I mean by this is that current merging techniques (having two radbolts collide with an input without turning into nuclear fallout merge the values into a single radbolt) are a nice emergent gameplay feature, maybe even bordering on a bug that would make a cool feature...what isn't nice is the behavior of when two radbolts merge on entering a rad input, another radbolt gets created with energy density equal to the remainder. So if I had 2 radbolts, 1 at 470 rads, and another at 100 rads, on merging a couple of game ticks later a radbolt equal to 70 rads will be created at the position of the laggier radbolt to enter the input. This hard limit basically makes any sort of particle accelerator build pointless, making the ability to merge radbolts only really useful for replenishing something like a radbolt based cooling deal before a radbolt decays.

What would allow for a lot more experimentation and fun with the radiation based content, were if radbolts could store an immensely larger amount. I am talking radbolts in the hundreds of thousands range, or even millions. I want to be able to make radbolts that on hitting an airflow tile, has enough power to cook an entire base. I want to be able to make radbolts that on hitting a natural tile, completely mine it in a single hit with some energy left over. I want (and would love) to be able to make an infinite storage system that just slowly decays 0.1 radbolts per tile, with the consequence being that if automation messes up and radbolts don't merge but collide, I get the equivalent of a nuclear meltdown in radiation spawned.

It could also allow for new research if the issue is that current inputs like reflectors have a max throughput of 500 rads, and create buildings that absorb a portion of a radbolt passing over them that are what allows for larger throughput than 500.

Also, I haven't seen anything talking about radbolt merging before, and just sort of accidentally stumbled across it yesterday...is this something that might deserve a bigger write up in general?

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