Training Saddle for Beefalo domestication

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So after my third domesticated beefalo I thought we could use another tool to make domestication easier. So my suggestion is adding a fourth saddle to make domestication easier and faster. Even if it were made out of ruins materials I'd be happy to craft it (like the premier gardeneer hat).

Training saddle perks:
-Longer Riding time
-Faster domestication rate (Speeding the process by around 3-5 days?)
-No aggro towards owner while in-heat (maybe a bit much?)
-Beefalo won't drop it when obedience goes down (maybe a bit much?)

-Lose damage
-Lose speed (It'd make you go at the base character speed... maybe a bit much?)
-Less uses. (Conflicts with last perk)

The saddle could make your beefalo have a longer riding time and a faster domestication rate in exchange for losing damage and maybe speed.
This saddle would be useless for already domesticated beefalos because you will almost never need to ride your beefalo for more than the already max amount.

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