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Changes to embark/platform code?

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As of 7/5/22 it seems that my modded character Wirra doesn't jump into the water when standing on a boat, and I've nearly figured out why, but I could use a little help fixing it.

This is the line of code that prevents the player jumping into the water:

if not inst:HasTag("In_Water") and (GLOBAL.TheWorld:HasTag("cave") or (inst:GetCurrentPlatform() ~= nil and not inst.components.embarker:HasDestination()) or (rider and rider:IsRiding()) or not inst:HasTag("WILLING_TO_SWIM")) then

Specifically, this is what has changed:

or (inst:GetCurrentPlatform() ~= nil and not inst.components.embarker:HasDestination())

If I remove this code, Wirra will jump into the water from a boat, just like she did before.

I haven't been able to determine why these changes have affected my mod.


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