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server starting problem

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i failed to start my server recently, sometimes when it's launching, it showed 'failed to start server' , sometimes it launched successfully, but when it's connecting, it showed later 'failed to connect to klei server' , and sometimes i enter the game successfully, but when i try to go to cave or go back up, it went wrong occasionally as well. oh, and, sometimes i can't even log in klei server, you know, that 'logging in...' , with play offline or cancel option.

does anyone know what might cause this? i never had this problem before, completely confused me, and it's frustrating. 

btw, the message says 'dedicated server failed to start' , but my server wasn't even a dedicated server, it's just a normal server, me being the host, if i quit the server must shut down as well, so, yeah, this confused me as well

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