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Wilbur or Wonkey as a new character

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So there are a lot of forgotten ideas, but I would like wonkey o Wilbur as a new character. There is a lot of material right now, I suggest these things for the new survivor using Wilbur as example:

Wilbur The Monkey King


-Health 130

-Hunger 175

-Sanity 150

Favorite food: Bananas, eating bananas also restore 15 of sanity.


-Wilbur can't talk clearly so examine things will not work, still he can talk with the plants since he at least make noises. The only thing he can examine are bananas (Saying "Nanas")

-Wilbur have two hand slots, the main one (The hand) and the secondary ((The tail). In the main slot, you can use weapons or tools with their active effects and passive effects. In the secondary you just can use the passive effect of the item, such as Walking cane speed, Torchlight illumination, umbrella wetness resistance etc.(Note: The effects of the same item will not stack if both are equipped at the same time, such as two walking canes, the speed increase will still 25%)

-Wilbur have a 8% of speed penalty but, After 1.5 seconds of continuously walking, Wilbur will start running at a 33% speed and the hunger will drain 1.5X faster. (A Walking cane will make no cooldown before start running)

-Wilbur is a very jolly and fast animal, he will pick and harvest resources a 25% faster.(Experimental Perk, balance in game needed)

-Wilbur will drop manure each 2-5 days, he can attach a full manure stack in his main hand slot, throwing it will stun for some seconds almost any mob, it will depend on the NPC, a bird will just need 1 manure to be stun, a pig will need 5, and a dragon fly 20. In friendly fire, it will drain 10 sanity to the objective.

-Wilbur doesn't care too much for darkness, he will receive 7 sanity per minute and ignore completely the sanity drain on dawn.

-He considered another monkey for pirates and splumonkeys, they will not aggro or steal things toward him. In fact, he can befriend them with bananas. Helping him in combat, gathering resources, picking up items for him etc.

-During nightmare phase in caves, full moon, or new moon, Wilbur will transform into a Nightmare monkey, running a 48% faster, seeing through darkness, making 30% extra damage, have a 25% mitigation, and have 250 life points, 125 hunger and 125 sanity, in this state Wilbur can use all his weapons, inventory and armor, but the sanity will drain 100 per minute as well as hunger drain of 3X This effect will last until nightmare phase, full moon or new moon end. If the nightmare state doesn´t ends and the sanity or hunger reaches 0 before that, he will transform into his normal state reducing all his stats to 0 and having 25 points of life. By last, Wilbur doesn´t have a cooldown before running.

-Wilbur can't be cursed, he is already a monkey.

-Pirate Raids can still appear to him, just that the monkeys will not aggro against him, additional befriended monkeys can use cannons in his boat or swim to pick items for him. As well, using the captain hat make him befriend pirate monkeys just as the crown and equip them with armor and weapon, the same for splumonkeys.


The monkey crown(2 shadow fuel,4 Gold, 2 Bananas): The crown makes Wilbur befriend with all near monkeys, it will last 1.5 day of use and drain 10 of sanity per minute. (Wilbur is the only one that can use it)

Evil banana(1 banana, 2 shadow fuel): It will not spoil, eating it will drain 10 Health and 15 sanity. Will transform Wilbur in his nightmare state during 2.5 minutes, the timer will drain faster if you stay without making anything.

Monkey Disguise(2 bananas, 2 manure): It will spoil in 2 days. Equipped in other survivor will make them neutral to monkeys and pirate monkeys. Not befriended, as well, draining 20 of their sanity per minute.

Pirate House(4 bananas, 4 wood planks, 3 Cut stone): It will spawn 2 pirate monkeys, after killing them, another monkey will respawn in 1 day.

Splumonkey pod(4 bananas, 6 manure,2 wood planks): With a maximum of four Splumonkeys out at a time. Splumonkey Pods will spawn a Splumonkey every 30 seconds and if one or more have been killed, will regenerate Splumonkeys every 120 seconds.

Pirate Sword(1 living log, 3 gold): Have 75 uses and deals 50 damage per hit.

Manure cannonball(1 gunpowder, 4 of manure:gives 4): Stuns every enemy hit in a area, a boss need 3 shots before being stunned. Having a cooldown of 60 seconds before stunned again.


Tell what you think and what to change or add for feedback, thanks for your support and extend this so klei can see it.(Is not completely balanced and need changes, but I really like the idea of Wilbur as a new character).


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