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Here’s a possibility for something that has a 50/50 chance of working. What if the early ancients (like when they worshipped alter) made the moon altars

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So hear me out don’t shoot me yet let me explain what could have happened.

Before they make the altars themselves

”Y’know, we really don’t worship Alter enough. We should make a massive altar.”

And so they make a large base out of thulecite and fallen moonstone, probably on the moonstone event base for lunar energy. They make three corners, each distinguishable from the other and disassemblable.

”It’s done. Our altars are comeplete. There is a lot of energy coming from the center though, so there’s that.”

”Oh no… Alter is looking pretty annoyed. We have to get rid of the altars.”

Celestial tribute origin

”Hey, you know that crab thing we saw when we were exploring? Maybe we could strike a dea to get rid of one of the altars.” “Yeah we definitely could, he seems reasonable.” And so they gave the tribute to Crab king which gave him magical powers.”

Sanctum origin.

”Maybe we should bury one of the corners, that might be good for hiding it well.” And they buried it.

Altar origin.

”What if we just shot an altar at the moon. It sounds kinda crazy but hey it’s not like it’s falling back to us.” It did.

After they hid the altars, they recycled the thulecite around the moonstone base. So I have explained how it could have happened, but I’m mostly uneducated in how the altars got to where they were so this is just my take on it.

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