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Wigfrid Stop singing mod help

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Hello, I am working on a mod for wigfrid and was trying to add the ability for her to stop singing with a right click on her songs. I can't seem to figure out how to go about this though. Any help would be very much appreciated! 



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if act.doer:HasTag("player") and act.target.components.singinginspiration and target.components.singinginspiration:IsSinging() then
return true
return false

Cancel_action.priority = 10

AddComponentAction("SCENE","singable", function(inst, doer, actions, right)
 if inst.prefab and inst.components.singinginspiration and inst.components.singinginspiration:IsSinging() and doer.prefab == "wathgrithr" then
        table.insert(actions, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.Cancel)

AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.Cancel))
AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson_client", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.Cancel))



This is what I have so far and Its not working.

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