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Having fun with new concepts, starting with Willow

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Hi everyone, at the beginning I wanted to say that I'm long time gamer, and that I wasn't that hooked to a video game in years(except one pretty new BR, that reignited my love for FPS). I love what KLEI have created, and the fact that they still care for it, even after so many years. <3

I've created this topic(and plan to post more) to discuss some thoughts over the game that we're so passionate about.
AUTHOR'S NOTE My English isn't great, but I'll do my best, so bear with me and feel free to correct my grammar, so I can learn. :)

All of you will probably agree, that some of the characters may feel outdated, boring, not fun, or even pointless to play, and I think it is no different for Willow.
I won't super deep dive on her, but we have to talk about her main kit first. Willow is pyromaniac, she takes pleasure in burning stuff down, and her favourite temperature is that of a boiling water. It's not a desired trait to have in a world with unrelenting heat and all-consuming fire.
As befits a real arsonist she steps into constant with her custom made lighter which gives a glimmer of hope in the engulfing darkness, and her favourite teddy bear, to play.. innocent at the court- he's also a pretty good defender too.. ;)
She also have some mediocre perks, like heat and fire resistance/immunity, and faster cooking over fire. Overall she's slick, lackluster, and every update falls more, and more behind.

I must stop, and bring evolution of Wolfgang for a moment, because from "my MOBA" perspective - a person who spend a lot of time reading reworks, updates, and theorycrafts in the meantime - it was so good to watch. From someone who was shallow powerhouse, Wolfgang became more complex, more fun(IMO) and gained more depth. KLEI did awesome job nerfing his downtime.
This post is a little inspired by this rework, but it goes a step(or couple) futher.

So let's start with Bernie. Bernie is OK, he could have some AoE attacks, but it's not necessary, he's not a main dish in the menu - at least I don't think he should be. I personally would focus more on other item in our possession, the Willow's Lighter.. an item that's ironically extremely watered-down.. but maybe we will work this out together.

My idea of a change is as follows:
Crafting Cost: 1x Beeswax, 1x Electrical Doodad, 1x Cratered Moonrock
Willow's Lighter now have one empty socket that can be filled with different gems, each gem provides different color of the flame.
Willow's Lighter now can be put on the ground to act as campfire.
Once on the ground, You can activate lighter to massively increase flame's power, but causing gem to break in the process. Effect lasts 60 sec. down from 600 sec.
Different gems, could have different effects, for example: Purple gem will induce sanity drain aura for 60 sec. Red gem give some heat etc.
Refuelable with charcoal, to incentivize burning stuff. ;)

It is rework post, but i'm more interested in your thoughts, what would you change, why, and direction of DST.

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