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Is there a way to step through game with debugger?

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I've modded other games before like Mount & Blade, and in that game you were able to launch the client with a debugger attached to it so you could step through the code line by line and see what was causing crashes/not working, etc to tune your mod. Is there a way to do this with DST? There's a mod I've been using religiously, but it has a super annoying bug that I know I could fix if I could walk through a debugger or something.

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Vanilla DST has no advanced debugging features (that I know of), neither do I know mods that include one.

The only few ways of reading what is happening is looking through the client or server logs (data is only stored in the server logs if the server has multiple shards, such as Forest and Caves) or looking through the console debug (default keybinds to display it are Ctrl + L).

Even with these two options, the console log is not useful, as it pretty much only displays "print()" results, and it's hard to keep track of the client and server logs text files.

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