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Well, here's me, working on my Game writing with some don't starve fan art.The Black Chronicles Of Maxwell's ArchipelagoCHAPTER 1The Wizard's apprentice half-heartedly drew a summoning circle onto the cobblestone of the highest tower on the castle. Five mourning stars, A demon's sun in the middle. It had all been done before... But most of the ones who had tried had actually managed to conjure something. The wizards apprentice lit his candle and placed it in the center. He knew nothing would happen. As he entered the circle, he spoke a couple words. He threw an urn down, and a small flash of light burst from the center. This was exciting, he had never done that before. "It doesn't have to be this way, Rook." A voice sounded from behind the apprentice. The apprentice whirled around. A tall man with a hitler-style haircut, an extremely dapper vest, and a cheery smile walked out of the shadows behind the apprentice. "How do you know my name? Are you a demon?" the apprentice said, his voice trembling with am odd mix of fear and excitement. "I prefer not to be called by a 'demon', it brings back to much malice from the times of the Egyptians." the dapper man said, an edge to his voice. His smile hardened a bit. He blinked, and it turned back into the normal cheery grin. "W-why are you here?" asked Rook, the apprentice. The man's grin widened. "Because, I was imprisoned in that urn you smashed. You freed me. Now I will grant your wishes." "G-grant my wishes?" Rook's eyes widened, "What do you mean?" Maxwell extended an arm to the borders set by the summoning circle, where arcane energies prevented his long arm from moving forward anymore. "You want power. Power in magic. You want spells to work. You want things to do what you want them to. Step out of the circle and all this will become true..."CHAPTER 2The dapper demon stood in front of me, his arms outstretched, about to give me all I had ever wanted. All I had to do was leave the summoning circle... All I had to do... I stepped out of the circle. Nothing happened. The dapper demon smiled, and waved his hand. Knowledge shot into my head like an arrow. It swirled through my mind. Designs for staffs controlling ice and fire, music to soothe the savage beast, resurrection devices that would make me immortal. All of it was mine. It was all here. "What is your name?" I asked the demon. "Maxwell. Maxwell the Black." He said with a grin. My mind smacked me in the face. The name was familiar. I realized he had said he was imprisoned. That would mean he had been imprisoned for a reason... He lifted his hands, and a blast of lightning flew towards me. The last thing I heard him say before I knocked out of consciousness by an electric bolt was "I only kidnap people who's name starts with R." and a gale of hideous laughter...CHAPTER 3Rook stood up. The Demon looked surprised. "I needed to hit you harder. I underestimated you, mage." he said.Rook nodded groggily. He searched his head for some sort of Maxwell slaying spell, but none came to him. "Now then, I guess since you're awake, I'll give you a briefing on what I'm doing..."Rook looked around. He was on an island of some sort, in a grassland. "I love playing games. The Greeks were perfect for playing games with. We played so many..."Rook grabbed some grass and twigs. "Right now I feel like chess. Chess is a game of the mind."Rook twisted the grass and the twigs together desperately. "It's all about manipulating your opponent so that they are vulnerable."Rook smiled at the irony of that statement, and attached a piece of flint to his stick-grass braid. "And you seemed like a worthy opponent." He grinned. Rook grinned back, and swung the staff he had just created at Maxwell. A blast of yellow magic flew at the ground in front of the demon. Maxwell looked surprised. The magic hit the ground, and out sprouted.. a flower. Rook looked confused, and Maxwell grinned. "Almost got me, Rook! You'll need a bit more power for that." With that statement, Maxwell swung his fist into Rook's face, and Rook blacked out again.CHAPTER 3"Say pal, you don't look so good. Better find something to eat before night comes." Maxwell laughed, snapped his fingers, and disappeared. I felt like an idiot, yet I didn't feel sad. My life's dream had just come true. I was a wizard. A true wizard, with flower conjuring staffs and words of power. I had been tricked by a demon and was now playing chess with him, but still... I had power. Maxwell's words rung in my ears. "Better find something to eat before night comes." And I noticed all the food in this place. Carrots. I loved carrots. Berries grew on trees, Rabbits just waited to be trapped... My mind whirled with possibilities. I wandered for the remainder of the day. Soon I realized night was falling. I didn't like the dark, so I gathered materials for a torch, just so I could investigate spooky noises. The moon rose. Night was upon me. I heard Maxwell's laugh in the distance. "Meet my queen" he said. I stumbled in the darkness, trying to find his voice. Something breathed on the back of my neck. I spun around, lighting my torch. All I saw was a reptilian tail spin out of the radius of light provided by my torch. "Her name is Charlie." Maxwell laughed manically, far away from where I was. I could see a pair of hateful eyes watching me in the darkness. Now I knew better than to go out at night without a light...

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