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[SOLVED] About Pet Health Badge

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If anyone knows why... this weird thing happens.

With my own skin for Abigail, the pet health badge's icon will disappear. Precisely, when "frame" animation is set to 0.2726(aka. health=0.7274=436/600), the icon will just disappear; set the number below this value, then the icon is intact.

disappeared:Snipaste_2022-05-30_16-02-21.png.bf5aa975d3cc790f7f6421dde8fed5c0.png, manually use SetPercent functionSnipaste_2022-05-30_16-02-52.png.4fc1d60f282575f2b94fce3b33a3ff4a.png

I've tested out that this value=3/11 is exactly the point when hunger, health and sanity icon changes. But I see no change in animation file "status_abigail". There is only one icon. So very weird.

Update: After looking into build.xml I found the icon's duration is 4, while my scml file and my build.xml is 1. Manually edit build.xml is the solution.

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