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New overload mechanic for WX

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I've been playing with WX-78 since the rework came out and I concluded that an overload system would add a lot to the character to equip the 3-slot circuits, adding a lot to the possible combinations made. However, it would be nice a limiter not to be able to equip circuits that use only one slot. This overload mechanic could be done with items that conceptually have a lot to do, like "Electrical Doodad" and/or "Frazzled Wire", even with "Gears".

There are interesting circuits that we would like to use, but as it is, it becomes VERY expensive. Giving up two good circuits for one of those that take up three (except the Thermal/Refrigerator) hasn't been worth it. We want to use the Beambooster, Illumination and Chorusbox circuits, but not like that.

Still in  time: the Acceleration circuit could use just four slots, instead of six. :wilson_lightbulb:

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