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A Complete Rework for Maxwell! (Suggestion)

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If you haven't checked already, I've made a smaller QoL rework concept for Maxwell here. Anyways...

              As you can see of the other character refreshes Klei has made, they include character-specific crafts that the character themselves have to unlock performing a certain thing. For example, Webber needs to befriend a certain spider to unlock the Switcherdoodle that transforms a spider, into the kind of spider he befriends. A similar thing goes for WX-78 too, his circuits need to be unlocked by scanning a mob that matches that kind of circuit's ability. The same thing will go for Maxwell... as well. Maxwell in this rework concept has to unlock tiers of his Codex Umbra (up to Tier III) in order to unlock new pages of his book.

Why does Maxwell need a rework?: His puppets are simply out of control, and Maxwell is only able to craft four variants of Shadow Puppets. The Shadow Duelist however is a downright useless one in most cases. Maxwell right now is, extremely underwhelming. This rework provides a level of controllability towards the Shadow Puppets, a few Magic recipes, and some perks.


Maxwell will keep his stats as it is, 150 hunger, 200 sanity, and 75 health. He is still fragile as ever!


1x Tier I Codex Umbra / 6x Nightmare Fuel


During the night, Shadow Creatures have a chance to become completely hostile to Maxwell even if he is sane! This perk seems ridiculous, but it gives him a chance to obtain more Nightmare Fuel because he's gonna need... TONS. Maxwell also becomes more effective with certain Magic items because he is a magician himself. They all will last longer when used by Maxwell, and only drain half the sanity. Maxwell's dapperness has been buffed, doubled actually, to 12 sanity/min!

Maxwell deals 25% more damage towards Shadow Creatures, so the night perk won't be so bad.


Maxwell loses 10% effectiveness with tools and deals 10% less damage with weapons for each Shadow Puppet he possesses. Maxwell is a little like Wes, he doesn't like working. Leave it all to the serfs!


Maxwell will now start with a Tier I Codex Umbra. It's appearance has changed... with the number 1 as a Roman numeral symbol, "I" on its cover. I've also thought about a new design for the Codex Umbra, changing with tiers. The Roman symbols will be thinner than the "M" on the book, and will be behind it as well.

When dropped, it can be read in order to craft the three generic workers Maxwell right now possesses. Shadow Logger, Shadow Digger, and Shadow Miner. They all require the same amount of ingredients to craft, however, will now take up 25% of Maxwell's permanent sanity instead of 20%, meaning he can conjure up to three Shadow Puppets. Maxwell can also make the Tier II Codex Umbra, which its ingredients will be below. Crafting this will just transform your current Codex Umbra into Tier II, instead of making a Tier II Codex Umbra in your inventory.

The Codex Umbra overall has also acquired a new system, or command, just like Abigail's Flower! It can be equipped to access these new commands. While equipped, you can command your Shadow Puppets to Work, costing 10 sanity per cast. This basically allows your puppets to do the task they were created to do. If there are trees nearby, your loggers will chop those trees. You can also Call Back your puppets, making them stop working and retreat to where you are. However, the Work command does possess a range, and walking out of your puppet's work (the trees or rocks for example), will make them retreat to you, similar to Abigail's "Rile Up" command. These commands overall are a QoL type of thing, and barely buff Maxwell.


Requirements: 10x Nightmare Fuel, 50 Sanity, 2x Papyrus

This new tier of the Codex Umbra unlocks new recipes when read! Its appearance has changed as well, to a Roman numeral symbol of 2, "II"

New recipes: 

Shadow Deconstructor [requires 1x Hammer, 2x Nightmare Fuel, 25% permanent sanity]
Shadow Rower [requires 1x Oar, 2x Nightmare Fuel, 25% permanent sanity]
Shadow Gatherer [requires 4x Twig, 4x Cut Grass, 2x Nightmare Fuel, 25% permanent sanity]
Shadow Defender [requires 1x Spear, 2x Nightmare Fuel, 35% permanent sanity]

Can craft the Tier III Codex Umbra, which will be below.

These new Shadow Puppets arrive to do Maxwell's bidding! The Shadow Deconstructor hammers down anything that Maxwell commands it to, it's also probably Maxwell's favorite puppet! The Shadow Rower will row to where Maxwell is at, for example if Maxwell is on the north side of the boat, the Shadow Rowers will row north. When commanded, the Shadow Gatherer will pick up nearby items and hand it to Maxwell, functioning similar to a Lazy Forager, but more of Polly Rogers (from the "Curse of the Moon Quay" update). The Shadow Defender won't need any commands, it will instead attack anything Maxwell attacks or anything that aggroes onto him. They wield spears, dealing 30 damage, have 75 health, have a 45% damage reduction, and try to kite (Klei, improve their kiting please...)


Requirements: 15x Nightmare Fuel, 100 Sanity, 1x Purple Gem

This is the final and most menacing + powerful tier of the Codex Umbra! It unleashes the dangers of the contents within the Codex Umbra, all still obeying the Nightmare King himself. It also unlocks a few Magic items!

New recipes:

Maxwell's Crawler [requires 3x Hound's Tooth, 4x Nightmare Fuel, 40% permanent sanity]
Maxwell's Terrorbeak [requires 1x Thulecite, 6x Nightmare Fuel, 40% permanent sanity]
Dark Sword
Night Armor
Life Giving Amulet
Nightmare Amulet
Fire Staff
Ice Staff

The two new Shadow Creatures that are unlocked through this tier of the Codex Umbra, all fight for Maxwell. These new creatures behave differently from Shadow Defenders, as they will attack anything that Maxwell commands them to. The Codex Umbra and nightmare fuel are both menacing things, as well as these Shadow Creatures.

Maxwell's Crawler has 250 health, deals 35 damage, and teleports at a random location when hit. You can summon up to two, but will not be able to summon any other puppets if you have two Maxwell's Crawlers. 

Maxwell's Terrorbeak has 350 health, deals 55 damage, and also teleports at a random location when hit. You can summon up to two as well. The Terrorbeak is significantly more agile than the Crawler, deals more damage, but is a bit more expensive and rare requiring 1 Thulecite and 2 more Nightmare Fuel.

They both heal 30 HP/2 sec.

Maxwell's Shadow Creatures appearances are different, to distinguish them from real Shadow Creatures. Their eyes are completely shaded in darkness, just like the rest of their form. Real Shadow Creatures have eyes that are transparent, but Maxwell's Shadow Creatures are completely covered in darkness, and follow Maxwell.

And there is the Maxwell rework concept, a pretty big one indeed.

The Puppet Master
*Is frail, but dapper
*Can unlock new pages of the Codex Umbra
*Knows how to alter dark magic

Overall Rework: This rework makes Maxwell true to his title, The Puppet Master. He is able to make Shadow Puppets who pretty much do almost every kind of work in the game, excluding cooking, gardening, etc. In my opinion, Maxwell is an egomaniac, and dislikes the thought of being reduced to a worker (proved in a few quotes in-game), instead, he compels shadows of himself to do his bidding.

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