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cant do local 2 player coop

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i tried to do local 2 player coop, but the screen shows  "You can't continue because you can't select another user, visit Nintendo's support for more informations" 

there r 2 accounts on my switch console.

both of them r registered to Nintendo, but without nintendo online membership.

the console is not primary.


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That's the issue. Your console is not the primary console, so the only user with a license to use the game is the user who bought it. To let other user to join split screen both users need to have a license to use the game that means you need to: a) make that console the primary console, or b) buy again the game in the other account, preferably having this other account as principal console.

Note that this is not a Klee issue, this is because of how Nintendo manages the principal and secondary console licence of the games.

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