Max health barely matters. New sturdy circuit.

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Later than in the very early game your effective health is not exactly determined by just your max health but the amount of healing and armor you carry with you. The moment you make a science machine you can get it and then max health stops making difference. Maxwell can be one-shot by most bosses but it doesn't matter. Why would you fight it with no armor in the first place? Just a log suit makes his 75 hp a 375, each pierogi will kick it up by 200. That's why wx's sturdy circuit sucks, it could provide damage reduction to reduce the amount of food you need, then it would matter, the gastro circuit could increase healing from food, then it would matter.

Now how to make max health matter more? 

That would be a pretty brutal change but things like anything that heals could heal percentage instead of a flat number. This way the max health would also affect the amount of food you need to take X damage.

It wouldn't make the game any better though. It would either nerf low health characters like Wes, Maxwell, and Walter or buff high health like Wolfgang, Wigfrid, and Wortox which are strong already. So max health is better as cosmetic now.

So a better solution than nerfing low health or buffing high health would be turning sturdy circuit into damage reduction. If it scaled like speed 25%,40%, or 50% it would be acceptable if you look at Wolfgang. If both were tanking something Wolfgang would kill the target 2x faster and take 2x less damage than Wilson due to the target dying 2x sooner. If 50% dmg reduction WX was tanking the same target WX would kill it at Wilson's speed but take as much damage as Wolfgang in the end Wolfgang was still better because he saved weapon durability and time so 50% dmg reduction wouldn't make him most OP but it's definitely better than sturdy circuit we have now because you would save more healing compared to just higher HP pool. Still not worth it over speed but thanks to the scaling it's motivating to replace 3rd speed circuit with it.

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