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Chorusbox Circuit Mod Help

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Hello Everyone.

Well, I've been thinking of a mod that changes the music of the Chorusbox Circuit. I've already made some progress, but I'm stuck on the idea of the menu, so what I plan to do is alternate between
3 songs (default and 2 added songs)

I was able to add two options to the menu, but I need a third one.



but it seems to be poorly implemented because it doesn't recognize the options if I change it to the second song of the mod.


This is what I have in the modinfo


local options_enable = {
    {description = "Ragtime", data = true},
    {description = "Hoedown", data = false},
configuration_options =
        name = "music_mod",
        label = "Chorusbox Tune",
        -- hover = "",
        options = options_enable,
        default = true,

And this is what is in the modmain


Assets = {
    Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/musicbox_mod.fev"),
    Asset("SOUND", "sound/musicbox_mod.fsb"),

local soundswaps = {}

local _PlaySound = GLOBAL.SoundEmitter.PlaySound
function GLOBAL.SoundEmitter:PlaySound(soundname, ...)
    return _PlaySound(self, soundswaps[soundname] or soundname, ...)

local _PlaySoundWithParams = GLOBAL.SoundEmitter.PlaySoundWithParams
function GLOBAL.SoundEmitter:PlaySoundWithParams(soundname, ...)
    return _PlaySoundWithParams(self, soundswaps[soundname] or soundname, ...)

local function SetSoundAlias(name, alias)
    soundswaps[name] = alias

if GetModConfigData("music_mod") then
RemapSoundEvent("WX_rework/module/musicmodule_lp", "musicbox_mod/module/musicmodule_lp")

Finally, when I try individually without a menu, the mod songs work correctly, but they continue to play when the game is paused.


In summary:

  • I need to implement a third option for the menu.
  • By changing the menu options, change the music ingame.
  • The music stops when the game is paused.


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