Willow need a buff, Rework Ideas

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In popular opinion Willow is considered a mediocre character, but I think she deserves more.
1. Willow and fire

-Leave all the characteristics that she already has.
-Willow can put out the fire once started, doing this will cost her 5 sanity points per flame (bernie in her little mode could help her put out if there is a lot of fire)

-Willow could fix burned structures, like alchemy machines, shadow manipulators, common structures. adding building materials. (To save materials and preserve symmetry)

-Spicy things should buff Willow somehow, restore more of her health, or Warly's spices give her 40% damage boost. It depends on how rare spicy crops, like fire nettle, should be beneficial to her (Sanity?).

-Willow does more damage to burning enemies.

2.Wilow and objects

-Willow's lighter is infinite if she uses it.

-Somehow the lighter could produce an explosion that does a lot of area damage, perhaps cooking something like the pink glue of the gloomer, breaking the lighter in the process and lowering his sanity a lot. (a reference to her animated short, and this attack would be useful)

-The fire staff should do a lot of damage with Willow, and even increase her sanity.
-The star caller should have an upgrade if she uses it.

-The armor of the Dragonfly should protect it more, 90%.

3. Willow and Bernie
-Bernie in Wilow's hand should give her more protection from the cold, like a beefalo hat.

-Bernie should do 100 damage, to level his little dps.

-Willow being close to bernie receives extra protection (In order not to copy the mechanic of "Wendy does more damage with Aby", Willow takes less damage with Bernie)

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