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7nth circuit slot idea for WX-78(pictures included)

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Ok i made some brainstorming after reading more posts. The only thing that no one talks about WX-78 is his empathy module.

Here is the idea on it below:

1) Use some number Gears and frizzled wires to craft.(or even better gold instead off frizzled wires)(or even requiring both)

2) Adds a seventh slot that degrades over time:

       i) Consuming Gears extends the duration of the 7nth slot(optional).

       ii) Consuming an empathy module overights duration of seventh slot and thus the circuit does not get unsocketed on expiration.(or the 7nth slot could always be visible and have the socketed circuit and just not function when depleted).

3) 7nth slot gives a small percentage boost to the socketed circuit according to the number of prongs of the circuit.(could be like 5% for 4 slot circuit up to 20% for single slot circuit. also if for example first slots get discharged by wetness 7nth slot keeps bigger modules on but with less effect e.x. less speed on acceleration circuit).(not all circuits need to have extra power e.x. moggles circuit cuz its 1 dimentional)

4) 7nth slot is a different color and does not get discharged from wetness.(also have a small seperate border but that big that it doesnt allow the module to fit).(could also have like a yellow bulb on top of it so the player doesnt need to always check its metter to tell if it is active).(have a metter with the arrows looking towards the right and deplete slowly while also leaving behind a redish color and when fully depleted also have a big "x" mark)

5) On expiration, empathy module should return some number of gears in the inventory.(optional)

6) Having the recipe craft a number of empathy modules(cuz you know. he always manages to damage them. so why not having multiple and have a smoke animation coming out of his chest).

7) Adds some extra jokes and/or quotes.

I think this would balance it out a little bit and while also keeping gears iconic in WX's core gameplay. It might be hard to code but it would give him some extra flavor while also making it conditional and incentivize the player to go hunting for some extra character power. Also it upens his survivability window with the right circuit e.x. moggles circuit and light circuit in case he gets discharged.




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