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Material Stacking Changes

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Hello everyone,

As we know recently klei changed amount of turfs that can be stacked which resulted in a huge QoL upgrade. So I thought we can provide more stacking changes ideas here for more fun late game. Here is the list that I came up with :

1. Blueprints and Sketches : same bps and sketches should be able to stack (for example up to 10 same sketch/bp)

2. Dawn feathers : 40 instead of 10

3. Lavae egg: 10 instead of 1

4. Desert stone: 20 instead of 10

5. Lesser glow berries: 20 instead of 10

6. Moon rock idol: 10 instead of 1

Also adding some containers with more space for specific items would be cool too. Like the current Spectackler Box which can be used to store 15 stacks of twigs or rots.




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