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My wx-78 rework in its entirety

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Basically im just going to write down the changes i would like to see to wx

WX-78 hotfi !

-WX now has 100 of each stat to start out with

- WX now has 9 slots total

- New craftable tool- thulecite plier available at the ancient pseudoscience station (allows removal of individual circuits without damage)

- dronemaster renamed to master circuit, now also gives 50 to each stat in addition to the regeneration effects

- gastroexpansion and superprocessing circuit now give 100 of their respective stats.

- hardy circuit 2.0 also gives 100 of its respective stat, but now heals over time at half the rate of the master circuit

- maxwell finally recognized the song wx is playing, is furious

- minor versions of each stat circuit is now available providing 50 of its respective stat but providing no other bonuses (sanity from spider and hunger from pigmen)

- speed tier 1 now costs 4 slots instead of six

- electric circuit now does 34 damage and counts as electric damage. (For instakilling 100 health mobs) max 3 

- speed tier 2 has no benefits beyond the original 3.

- Unsocketed filled charge slots give 4% extra damage each, up to 20(maybe not)


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