Extra copy of DS on steam...


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Well... as the title says i'm willing to trade my extra copy of DS for another game (on steam preferable).

I already have DOTA 2 (since it started actually u.u!) and i don't like TF2 so pls don't offer me those.

Oh and i love RTS/RPG/Survival genres btw.

So... with that said, any offers?

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I'll buy you any steam game 7 dollars and under as a trade. If you're interested, Friend me here http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThatFoxyshazam/

Well that's tempting... in fact there is one game under 7 dollars i want, so i'll add you to steam ASAP ^_^!

PS: Goes for everyone... if you can get me 1 copy of Divine Divinity my extra copy of DS is yours =P

PSS: Already done the trade thx for the offer guys ^_^!

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