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QoL upgrades with mods being assimilated into Game

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There are many talented modders in the community and they have produced some amazing things.

Blueprints, pliers, zoom out, research Queues, longer bridges, dupes waiting in line, expanding buildings, recipes, no dropping items when called to dinner (or catching breath). I could go on and on, there are so many that should be naturally incorporated into the game. Sure, I understand mods add variability to an individuals experience, and I have quite a few that I use to customize my game play.

However, can Klei procure the rights to some of these best mods and keep them updated indefinately? I would think some of the modding community might like a job or see their work get become a permanent solution with due compensation their way.

I do really love ONI, but I didn't like having the game sit for months during 'early access' because there were too many mods crashing my game. Steam shows 1,047 mods for ONI, can we clean it up so that we assimilate the best of the best, and declutter deprecated abandoned mods. 

When the game crashes due to mods the error screen does a poor job isolating the issue. It says it unchecks mods, and some are left red, this could be better managed, with perhaps a check before it crashes... and alert what won't work and why.

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