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Arint's Last Day (Now Available!)

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Now available on the Steam Workshop!


Teaser Trailer

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New abilities. New arguments. New choices. Go behind the scenes as the Spark Barons' top enforcer, Lieutenant Arint. Fight like a warrior, stay cool under pressure, and Just. Keep. Blasting.

Arint's Last Day is coming to the Steam Workshop on March 11th! Play as Lieutenant Arint, the second-in-command of the Grout Bog Spark Barons, as she fights to protect the company's interests while handling complications from grifters, spies, less-than-professional underlings, rebels, and an overbearing superior.

Mod Features:
- New playable character: Lieutenant Arint of the Spark Barons
- Over 200 new battle and negotiation cards, including 10 unlockable card packs
- 40+ new grafts to install
- More than a dozen new gameplay mechanics to learn and master
- 3 distinct campaign modes:
    - Behind the Scenes (Half-Length Story): While Rook plays both sides in Grout Bog, Lieutenant Arint stays focused on protecting the Spark Barons' interests.
        - 16 New Quests
        - 26 New Events
        - 2 Branching Endings
    - Freelancer Brawl: Survive the increasingly dangerous life of a mercenary as Arint.
    - The Bog Expedition (Story/Brawl Hybrid): When Grout Bog's leaders disappear and danger rises on every side, it's up to Arint to put an end to the crisis.
- 3 new/remixed bosses
- New Flourishes
- New story slides by OneTinyBee and Hummel
- Voiceover narration by Tasch Ritter


Story Slides.jpg

Battle Cards.jpg

Negotiation Grafts.jpg

Battle Beam.jpg

Negotiation Appropriator.jpg

VS Steven.jpg

VS Rook.jpg

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