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An efficient way to move multiple bolders

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I have a suggestion for next QoL update.
Sometimes I make a boat, load with bolders and sail to the closest point to drop off bolders and move from there, or use Mighty Wolfgang to carry bolders if it's close.
But still you can only move one at the time and it will take a long time.

So my idea is: add basket or new sadles for beefalos, that can hold up to 3 or 5 bolders, glass castles, statues (or whatever you want to move)

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I've had a similar idea involving beefalo, add 3 new saddles,

one that acts as a sleigh, allowing you to pull multiple boulders, allied mobs, or even other players (the more items loaded could cause it to move slower

one that acts as a saddlebag, giving the beefalo an inventory similar to woby

one that acts as a plow, able to till large areas of farmland quickly AND in a nice grid, making prepping for a large farming session MUCH quicker, especially for those of us on console

with these three saddles could come another beefalo tendency, the worker beefalo, base obedience of 50 so you can mount it whenever you need, but as it does work its buck timer quickly rises, you could gain tendency points by harvesting crops (specifically crops not berries or grass/twigs) while mounted

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