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Suggestion for Wolfgang's mightiness

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From what I understand wolfgang now instantly loses mightiness "points" when hurt and it can't be cushioned by wearing armor or apparel.

I believe that wolfgang could still lose mightiness through damage but instead overtime, a tick down instead of instant loss allows some breathing room to maneuver into an advantageous situation or perform a counter-attack in order to slow down the effective mighty loss if kited properly.

It could be an applied "effect" that can be "mitigated" through consistent attacking. Perhaps 3-5 swings successive swings would remove the "effect" or instead remove a certain amount of "ticks" per swing before the player goes back to gaining mighty through attacks.

It could be a "stackable" effect Slow, powerful attacks would cause heavy consistent mighty loss over time but small, weak swarm attacks would quickly add up so 4 spider bites would cause a faster drain than 1 bearger swipe

So players that are swarmed aren't sent into a negative feedback loop of constantly powering down and up, perhaps every time the player powers down or powers up a small timer is set where they are immune to the debuff effect, 3-5 seconds will allow time to maneuver away. The immunity will also remove any already applied debuff.

Also I think armor having an effect on the total mighty loss from damage would be nice.

I haven't been able to test it myself but I will definitely try out the beta's content once it's available to consoles or I am able to access a pc again, and come back to this to change any thoughts.

Many thanks.


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