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Naked nostrils ranged weapon

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When i first discovered lunar grotto for myself and saw naked mole bat, the first thing i thought about is "naked nostrils remind me a double-barrel shotgun end." And since then I cant unlook it, so I decided to create a fan art of this double-barreled abomination.

749310370_quicksketch.png.3294438fafdb1eef7fd7925ea894e68d.pngThe most interesting thing about this weapon is that different ammunition has different abilities. For example: phlegm can stun multiple small enemies for a short while, like spiders, bees, rabbits, moslings, frogs similar to ewecus(making this item way more useful). Example №2: poop can make enemies panic(similar to haunting them as a ghost) and much more. There are a lot of things you can tinker with this concept but im afraid it might be too broken, even as a shadow manipulator craft only

(dont mind my ugly drawing abilities)

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