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This may not be the best place to put this, but as it only seems to be a problem with Don't Starve Together I am going to try looking for answers here.  I am trying to get into streaming on twitch and I'm having a bit of trouble with DST.  I am using Twitch Studio Beta for it and I'm having an issue getting the streaming overlay to come up while in game.  I have checked all the settings to make sure it should work, I've tested dozens of other games and every single one the twitch overlay pops up no problem when I launch the game.  But for some reason DST is the only one that it does not pop up.  I run DST in full screen, I've tried changing the options from Fullscreen capture to specifically choosing Don't starve app.  Tried resetting settings, turning it on and off.  Tried reinstalling both. Tried googling it and nothing comes up, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.  Oh and I'll attach a screenshot, on the stream preview when I type test into the chat, it shows up on the preview, but not when in game itself.  Mostly it is because I only have one monitor and I want to be able to see chat in game.  If anyone has any ideas, please help.

Twitch Studio 2_11_2022 11_03_43 PM.png

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