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Help me out w/ Warly's Specific Boss Dish

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Hello there!

i was thinking of making Boss Dish when i found out that Deerclop drops edible eye. I want to make dish that help with overheating and freeze mobs on hit. Where do i find ice staff freezing ability and apply it to new recipe?

This is code snippet of new recipe - Stuffed Eye


        stuffedeye =
        test = function(cooker, names, tags) return (names.deerclops_eyeball) and tags.veggie >= 1.5 and not tags.meat and not tags.inedible and not tags.egg end,
        priority = 30,
        foodtype = FOODTYPE.VEGGIE,
        health = UNING.HEALING_HUGE,
        sanity = -TUNING.SANITY_MED,
        temperature = TUNING.HOT_FOOD_BONUS_TEMP,
        temperatureduration = TUNING.BUFF_FOOD_TEMP_DURATION,
        nochill = true,
        perishtime = TUNING.PERISH_SLOW,
        cooktime = 0.75,
        potlevel = "low",
        tags = { "masterfood" },
        floater = {nil, 0.1, 0.7},

Thanks for attention!

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You will need to add inst.components.eater:SetOnEaten() to your food prefab.

The staff freezing ability can be found in staff.lua


--food prefab
local function Freeze(inst,data)
	if data and data.target then
		if data.target.components.freezable ~= nil then

local function OnEaten(inst,eater)
	if eater then
		eater:DoTaskInTime(60,function() eater:RemoveEventCallback("onattackother",Freeze) --change the time to whatever you want, like this it will remove the ice attack after 1 min.

-- in the fn of the prefab


Here is some code that make it work :)

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