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[mod request] irritable bowel, bottomless stomach, flatulence, modify request

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If you are able to, please modify these traits. I would be really thankful if you do so.

irritable bowel- takes 3~5(much as you want) times longer using the bathroom

bottomless stomach- personally I want the duplicant to consume 3,000 calories a day. but if my request is accepted and if you want to make a mod for everyone, I think 2,000 calories a day would be more acceptable

flatulence- I want the duplicant to fart more if they have flatulence. but this is the 3rd important trait for me and if you want to only modify irritable bowel and bottomless stomach, that's okay. 

Personally, it would be better if anyone teaches me how to modify these numbers so that I can try it and modify the numbers, but I think that would be very hard because I know nothing about modding ONI.

thanks for reading this long passage and I would be really thankful if my reauest is accepted.

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I'll try to explain how to modify the numbers. You should read Cairath's Modding Guide before proceeding. You can also look at the source code of the existing mods to be aware of some frequent modding techniques.
You need to search in the game code for traits that you want to modify. As you can see in the TUNING.TRAITS, there are FLATULENCE_EMIT_INTERVAL_MIN and FLATULENCE_EMIT_INTERVAL_MAX variables for farting frequency. Other modifiers are hardcoded in the TRAIT_CREATORS initializer. It uses TraitUtil.CreateAttributeEffectTrait() method, so you can add prefix to this method using Harmony and override delta argument if id is "CalorieBurner" (Bottomless Stomach trait) or "IrritableBowel". Farting intervals are variables, so you can just set new values in the OnLoad() method of your patch.
I don't know your programming skills and learning abilities, so my explanations may be too difficult to understand. Ask for more details if you need it.

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