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How to extract the attack sound of cutlass from the fsb file in dlc2?

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I found the FSB file in sound/dontstarve_ shipwreckedSFX.fsb

I copy the FSB file to the dst mod, and the attack sound of cutlass can be played through the code

Assets = {
     Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/dontstarve_DLC002.fev"),
     Asset("SOUND", "sound/dontstarve_shipwreckedSFX.fsb"),


But this file has 34M, too big.

I tried to open the FSB file with fsbextractor, but I couldn't find the sound of cutlass.

Who can help me? Thank you very much! 



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5 hours ago, science scout said:

I know a video for extracting sprites from the game. Maybe it will help a little bit but I'm not sure about sounds.




This is not to extract the sound, but thank you for your reply

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On 2/11/2022 at 8:43 PM, Monti18 said:

It's probably this sound:


I have also found these two files, but after extraction, they are Ogg suffixed and cannot be opened with the music player. When using the online Ogg to MP3 website, errors are also reported during conversion.

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