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Shortcut for the 32 bit exe on Steam

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Some time last year a 64 bit exe was introduced and sadly it runs horribly on my PC especially when I host my own world, so I'm stuck with the 32 bit one since then, which runs just fine as ever. The annoying thing with this is that you have only one way to launch the old version, and it's tedious: open Steam, click Library, find DST, click play, select 32 bit, click play again. Every other way launches the 64 bit version, no fancy scripts or "techy" workarounds could help. (Yes, even launching the 32 bit exe directly. Weird Steam magic!)

I know there's a 99% chance that Steam is to blame here (GTA V and GTA Online behaves like this too), but maybe Klei could do something about this too.

Thank You in advance!

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