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[Help] I want to Edit Character Mod

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I want to edit this mod - Flandre Scarlet



But I have some problems.

I want she can eat other foods - but I want she makes new item and eat it -.

Example, she can eat only blood what maked meets.

I want to edit this mod and make plantblood from berries.

So I edit modmain.lua and scripts/prefabs/bloodbags.lua.

But mod isn't working.


What I want to edit List is -

1. Make new item

     smallblood_5 : made with batwing 2

     plantblood_1, 2 : made with berries 5 or berries_juicy 5

            => I want she eats this and say this : Ooh, Humans eat things like this?

            => And I want item value : Hunger +10 / Sanity -20 / Health - 20

2. Fix item

    largeblood, largeblood_1, largeblood_2 : they are working with error

    I can't make largeblood_1 and 2.

    They can made with koalefant's nose.

    But it has error, so can't make 1 and 2.

3. Edit item 

    fishblood isn't working, because it uses "fish".

    I want to edit "fish" to "pondfish" or fish morsel.

    And I want to add fishblood_2 - made with eel.



I'm sorry I can't use English well.

What can I do?

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