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Hypothetical 2022 Twitch Drops Skins Lineup

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Hello Forums,

First time suggestor... not exactly sure how this works but here we go.

Was just thinking about the 2022 RoadMap... particularly the part on Drops. I hear there is going to be a new drop each month this year which is an ambitious goal. The new Conch Skin starting things off is very nice... AND... wouldn't it be kinda fun and interesting IF it were the first in a developing lineup of Illuminating Drops? Allow me to elaborate...

The torch is the first and most basic lighting item in the game... which is "why" Klei chose it as the first Twitch Drop... right? *wink wink nudge nudge* 

And if we were to humor ourselves with the idea of a 2022 Twitch Drops Illuminating Lineup as a progression of reskins for all things Illuminating in DST... the torch is a perfect place to start... and since the Conch Shell fits into the current Nautical theme... why not run with that theme through all the illuminating items in the game for this year? Like DST Pirates of the Caribbean shells, pearls, and barnacles infused into the lighting items? The new Barnacled Sail and Deck Illuminator are perfect examples to play off of... and here's how that might playout...

Torch - Conch Shell
FirePit - Barnacled... maybe some Coral?
EndoPit - Shells and Pearls
Lantern - a "Pearlescent Lantern"? Top shell, two bottom shells and a "glowing translucent/pearlescent" glass middle... that leaves a little trail of BUBBLES... maybe?
Miner Hat - Barnacles and Shells
Moggles - Barnacles.. 
Star Caller Staff - What would Davy Jones's SCS look like? And Glermz mentioned reskinning the actual Dwarf Star... that sounds like a pretty fun idea to me.
Moon Caller Staff - What would Poseidon's Pearly Moon Caller Staff look like?
Mushlight - Shells and Pearls for lightshades and Barnacled stands.
GlowCap - Same as Mushlight
So that's kind of a fun idea for the Drops over 2022... thought I would toss it out there.
Pearlescent Hugs and Kisses,

PS: Some already existing items that are parallel with the theme I'm pitching here are the new Deck Illuminator, Barnacled Sail, and Receptacle Boxes.

Reskinned Tackle Receptackle.png

Barnacled Sail.png

Conch Star Caller Staff.png

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