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What's the best way to add events or happenings on a certain time?

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Hi there! I started playing with mods not long ago, but I managed to do a couple of cool things already (creating new items, adding them to research, etc.).

I'm still figuring out and "mapping" all the game decompiled source to the game itself, but I guess that's how reverse engineering works! Fortunately I had a lot of experience with Unity so kinda understand what's happening (somewhat).

I'd like to add some "events" to the game - so things that happens every now and then, triggered by time or other factors - for instance spawning things. A good in-game reference would be the spawning of comets/meteors.

But I haven't managed to find a good kickstart point in the decompiled code so start patching. Is there any method or class that you know that triggers periodically and brings context information that I could consume?

Thanks a lot!

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