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Character idea: Ally to the moon

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I sure hope this is the best place to say this.

I have some ideas for a character that may be cool, as well as tie up loose ends for "return of them" if the devs make it. If not, modders feel free to use my ideas. I also have ideas for a design and lore, but the gameplay is most important. I will put the design and lore ideas only if someone wants them. I have 2 main gameplay concepts:

First, the easier to explain one: Pacifist
-Takes sanity damage when killing "innocent" creatures. I.E. Non-hostile things.
- Additional(?) damage based on the naughtiness gained from killing creatures
-Hates killing players, except Maxwells
Now, the main point but longer to explain one: Allied to the moon
-Extra damage against nightmare creatures
-Many effects dependent on moon cycles (effects still happen even when daytime)
      -Damage overall ( Maybe -25% on new moon and +25% on full )
      -Damage against nightmares (Perhaps normal damage on new moon and double on full, and damage in between depends on part of cycle)
      -(?) Different form if cycle is more than a half moon (I have many ideas about this if you want to hear)
-unique consumable craftable that, when used on something, makes it count as a full moon for the night ( And dusk? Maybe daytime too?)
      -Notes: ([?]Not able to be used on other people playing this character, nor on self.) When used on shadow pieces, counts as a new moon
-Gestalts are neutral to this character, only attacking when attacked.
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