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Is it possible to optimize how to automatically save the skin suit to the clothing preset after purchasing the skin suit

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Because there are too many skins now, it's troublesome to manually fill in the preset skin, and you need to carefully compare the package name yourself. Obviously, it's very uncomfortable

And I want to add a one click function to save the package to the preset

And I hope to add the overview page of skin gift bags in the mall to show which of my suits I have, because I just bought a happy series gift bag, but I found that I have most of the gift bags before purchase

In the skin preview interface, I can't remove the items I'm equipped with. I can only switch, because the package may not contain components of one part, but I need to click the item to see whether it belongs to this category. However, after clicking, I can't remove the items by clicking again. I think it's very inhumane. I hope to optimize it

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