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Modding a Character with Specific Abilities and Tools

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Hello everyone,

So recently I have gotten obbsessed with DST mods. After doing alot of searching, I could not find any mods related to the game "Valorant" which I also enjoy so now I want to make one. I want to make a character mod based on the valorant character "Viper". The issue is, I have never made any mods. I looked at youtube tutorials but they were for just changing the look of a character and its stats. I want to add new character specific abilities and tools. These include:

1 - Every creature is hostile to Viper (Monsters and Non-monsters)

2 - Viper can throw a projectile acid molotav that creates an area of damage upon impact on ground and makes mobs takes double damage.

3 - Viper can throw a smoke orb on the ground that can be turned on and off and it constantly decays the health of any mob inside down to 1 thus never actually kills it and once the mob leaves the orb their health regenerates.

4 - Viper can throw a long wall that decays the health of any mob by a certain amount each time the mob passes through (down 1 and once mob leaves their health regenerates).

5 - Viper can throw an ultimate smoke orb that deploys a very large area of smoke that acts like the smoke orb but much much bigger.

6 - Viper has a mask that she must put on to not take the effect of her smoke/wall.

7 - Viper can craft that mask to give to allies (pigmen,bunnymen,...), providing the same protection.

8 - Viper has 50 Health, 100 Hunger, 400 Sanity, 100 smoke (new meter that goes down when she uses her wall or orbs meaning they cannot be up infinately and can be recharged).

9 - Viper can craft gas canisters that fill up her smoke meter.

10 - Viper loses sanity at a fast rate when she uses any of her smoke/wall related utilities.

11 - Viper does 1.25x damage with projectiles and 0.75x with handheld weapons.

I will make this character much more balanced because right now it is clearly too OP. I saw some tips about downloading mods that have similar characteristics as the mod I want and just edit their code but I cannot find any.


Please let me know how I can tackle any of these character specific abilities/tools or any mod that is similar to them so I can use their code for reference. I really don't even know where to begin.

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