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Throwing Giant Vegetables

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I'm trying to make giant vegetables throwable, and I copied several functions from the waterbaloon prefab to test it out, however, when I equip one, the "toss" option doesn't appear. I think it has to do with the giant vege being a heavy item, but I checked the component actions for complexprojectiles and it seems that it shouldn't matter and that all the checks should go through... Does anyone have any clue why?

	if not inst:HasTag"oversized_veggie" or not inst:HasTag"waxable" then return end 
    inst.components.reticule.targetfn = ReticuleTargetFn
    inst.components.reticule.ease = true
    if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then return end

    inst.components.complexprojectile:SetLaunchOffset(GLOBAL.Vector3(.25, 1, 0))
--    inst.components.complexprojectile:SetOnLaunch(onthrown)


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@TheSkylarr is correct, EQUIPPED component actions are only called from the hand slot.


function PlayerActionPicker:GetLeftClickActions(position, target)
  local equipitem = self.inst.replica.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS)
	elseif equipitem ~= nil and equipitem:IsValid() then
		actions = self:GetEquippedItemActions(target, equipitem)


As you can see, it checks for the equipped item in the handslot. You can either set the equipslot of the veggies to the handslot or you hook the PlayerActionPicker:GetLeftClickActions function and add the case of an equipped veggy.

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