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advice requested on density display mod idea

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Greetings modders!  Before I dive into the deep end I'm hoping I can get some info about how steep the mountain is (to mix metaphors).

What I would like is to add a mass indication to the Materials Overlay.  So at a glance you can easily see whether that pocket of crude oil is only 20kg per tile or 1500kg per tile (and therefore going to fountain) or if you're about to open a pocket of 10kg per tile polluted oxygen and overpressurize the natural gas geyser you want to exploit.

My first question is whether a mod like this exists (current based game).  I know there are a few with similar info, but I haven't found one with this exact info.

Assuming one doesn't exist, how difficult would it be to create?  I've looked at Cairath's Guide on Github, so I understand the mods are basically patches to the class methods; but before I go to the trouble of decompiling and reverse-engineering ONI I'm hoping those with more modding experience can give me a hint about whether such a mod is even feasible.

Thanks muchly! 

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