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I have no idea whether Klei plans to release more DLC for Don't Starve or not. But IF they will? I would LOVE for them to release a sort of hunter DLC, as in a vampire hunter or such.
I imagine it being heavily influenced by the classic Universal horror monsters with vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein creations. And the new playable characters could be one Van Helsing inspired one (would be nice to have a hunter type character AT ALL after they removed Warbucks for unknown reasons), one vampire, and one Frankenstein creation. The characters basically write themselves when you think about it.
And to subvert expectations, they could make a male vampire sexy and seductive and androgynous, while they could make a female Frankenstein creation who looks freaky. And, the Van Helsing one could basically just be Warbucks but a bit redesigned.

And of course, you could add some more ranged weapons. The Blunderbuss would make perfect sense to keep from the Hamlet DLC of course, but I'm thinking it would also be cool to add a crossbow as well as a regular gun - either a flintlock or a revolver. Oak stake and silver weapons would make sense too, as well as holy water. Oh, and some Frankenstein-like device to blast a ray of electricity at enemies.

When it comes to clothing, of course a traditional vampire hunter outfit would be in place, but perhaps also a full-on knight armor? Like, fully covering one. You know, THE archetypical knight armor you'd expect to see as decoration in stuff like Dracula's castle.

Also, speaking of which, continuing the emphasis on towns from Hamlet, make it even more so here, as well as legit castles.

So, what do you think of my idea for DLC? I'm not sure they would ever consider doing something like this - but IF they did, then I'd be the happiest person in the world, and I wouldn't need ANY other DLC to come out for Don't Starve EVER again. But hey, if they don't - which they most likely won't - that's fine too. It's still a great awesome game as it is. :)
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