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Regenerated worlds should be able to get rolled back into pre-regeneration

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I just lost a 500+ days old world while trying to do a rollback from within the game. I mistakenly selected regenerate world instead of rollback and when i realized what i had done it was too late. As it seems, regenerated worlds can't be rolled back to pre-regeneration (everything before "day 1" is empty).  

I believe this would be a necessary addition to the next QoL update: make it so the old world is only truly deleted after all the 5 rollback slots are full with new saves. This was a really weird way to lose a world.

It would also be interesting to have ways of backing up worlds without having to manually make a copy of the directories, as suggested in other posts I've gone through.


This would be a good time for granny Wanda to take me back in time a few minutes. I finally felt like the master of the constant while playing her, but i guess Charlie can win her world back in slick ways.

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