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How do I make my character turn back into their default form whenever it becomes day?

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I'd like to make my character be in their monster form until the next day begins, but they turn into their monster form by hitting 0 sanity. I currently have the latter half of that function done, but I can't figure out the daytime part.

I've attached the code that's relevant to my situation below, thanks in advance!


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If you're modding for DS, you'll be listening for the "day" event pushed by the world, and you'll be able to check the names of the events in the clock component file; if you're modding for DST, you'll be using the watch world state function, and you can check the worldstate file in the components folder. An example is the pumpkin_lantern prefab:

local function OnIsDay(inst, isday, delayed)
-- ...
inst:WatchWorldState("isday", OnIsDay)


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