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Wolfgang, Later Game Barbels doing differnt effects when tossed

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I really like the Idea of the Barbels being tossable, this time I wanna make  that aspect more apparent on later barbels. Not these like suggestions have no defined stats on might gain/durability/damage etc. but their effects as a weapon.

Shadow Barbel, this one I'd imagine wont give you much might, but would be more weapon orriented, as when it is thrown it returns to the thrower, with some sanity cost with each return

Thulecite Barbel, i wont be suggesting for the might gain, As a Thrown barbel, this one would  small shadow tentacles in the area it lands, dealing more damage in that area

And lastly the Lunar Barbel - this one would be cause a blast that expands from the barbel, damaging and stunning most enemies, the effect require you to have high sanity to work.

I dont know this would be considered, with the lack of further details about them, but i hope this sparks some discussion

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i don't think they'll be adding barbels made only to be thrown, like the shadow barbel, but the thulecite one sounds like a cool idea.

instead of shadow tentacles, it could summon muscular shadow hands (0-3 maybe?) that would slam the ground around them once, randomly hitting the stuff around them, doing AOE damage.

the barbel itsself could be an endgame barbel, less eficcent than a boss statue, but better than a gembell. it could require a yellow gem since wx comments on it as "rather heavy"

the lunar barbel could be the glass cannon of the barbels, like how a moonglass axe works. throwing it could do the effect mentioned, and it could be as heavy as a golden barbel, but it would lose durability quickly.


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