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Buttons for looking over pieces of the same resource etc.

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I propose to make two buttons (for example, arrows to the right and to the left) to looking over pieces of some resource, duplicates, and identical buildings. You can use the digging order to number the chunks of a resource. Of course, the order of appearance is already used for Duplicants. To number the same buildings, you can use the order of their construction. The game already has a mechanism that allows you to looking over resources, Duplicants, things, but it allows you to go through only one direction (from the first to the last, and so on around). I propose to make it possible to scroll in the opposite direction. This will simplify the management of urgent and critical resources such as slime, oxylite, animal eggs, diseased Duplicants etc. It is desirable that the position at which the search stopped is preserved when switching to another resource. To be honest, I've been waiting for this feature for several years. I do not know English well, so sorry if such a topic already exists or if I did not formulate the idea correctly. Sincerely, Dmitry.

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