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Moonlet Cluster Mode is my favorite ONI experience

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I wouldn't be able to put it into super-neatly organized words, but the new moonlet cluster set of asteroids to play [with teleporters turned off] has been my absolute favorite way to play. It feels like to me, on paper, the idea of having to send out rockets to get anything done that isn't strictly on the tiny little asteroid you start with is cumbersome, but In my experience the incredibly short supply of most things early on gives me decent thrills, and performing early game acitivities on like 3 asteroids at once is fun too!  And then later on i continue to have rocketry missions for a myriad of things... like gassy moos, asteroid mining, and finishing up orbital research... it is all really enjoyable to me and i wanted to say that i really enjoy whats been done with moonlet survival.

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