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[Open Beta] Hat Kid from A Hat in Time!

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Heyo! I've been working on this here mod on and off for over a year now, went from knowing nothing about LUA to feeling like a pro (despite writing terrible code and not being anywhere near pro level). This is a character mod with unique hats and mechanics, but I'm having trouble with balance and testing. Unfortunately my friends have stopped play DST as of late, and now I'm stuck playing on my own for testing which isn't full proof.

The main thing with this mod is the characters unique hats. They have special abilities, some of which can be activated for an active effect, but personally I feel some of them are underwhelming or perhaps overpowered, so I would love some testing help.

Hat Kid!

This is the character for my mod, a cute as heck little girl with a knack for knitting hats with special abilities. She's small, and doesn't hit very hard, but her hats make up for that and much more!

Hat Kid Reloaded Splash

More mod info on the workshop page! Click it!



I'll be playing on a public server tomorrow at around 6:00 PM PST, the server will be public, and titled Hat Kid Reloaded Open Beta. See you there, if I actually remember to do it!

Thanks to the couple of you that joined, it was a big help and finding the crash we found was, while unexpected, very very helpful lol. It also seems I have some balancing things to work out, as the brewing hat was wayyyy too good once there were a couple of us with it.

Sorry if this post is lackluster or missing key information, I tend to post before going to bed. In this case, a lot of information may be able to be answered by the steam workshop page linked above. Please check there first before asking specific questions about the mod.


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